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© By P. A Coleman


Did I ever tell you I think you are beautiful?
Not just the everyday run-of-the-mill kind of looks
that leaves one watching you out of the corners
of their eyes
But the kind of beautiful that makes one want to
commit it to paper in words in music in
photos and prose
For yours is not just a physical beauty
But rather a beauty of the mind and spirit as well
That makes everyone who meets you want to keep coming

The stark height of your cheekbones
The way your eyes crinkle with mirth
Your lips, they are the feature that I love
the most on your body
Their exquisite definition
Their perfect symmetry
Their amazing softness and fullness for lips
that seem so thin
The way they curve around your teeth in a smile
Even when you are upset the grim set of your lips
makes me want to
lean over and kiss them touch them and kiss them some
Your chest
The breadth of your shoulders
The sinewy strength of your arms
And above all,
The deep darkness of your skin
I look at it and imagine it some sort of black hole,
for your skin is not the sort that takes light
and reflects it,
But rather takes light and drags it down
into its depth holding it hostage
I think never to let it go

Sometimes, I fancy I can see a shimmer of light
glistening just under the surface of your skin
trying to escape
But being re-routed to another part of your body
Your whole being radiates heat
Your soul radiates light
Your walk is a controlled deliberation, a combination
of both of

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