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"I Said a Prayer for You Today!"

© By Anonymous

I didn't ask for riches Or even a cottage by the sea.
I asked for Him to guide you Wherever you may be.

"I said a prayer for you today!"
I didn't ask for fame Or even a brand new car.

I asked Him to love you Whether you are near or far.
"I said a prayer for you today!"

I didn't ask for jewelry Or even for the Patriots to win.
I asked for Him to save you And forgive you of your sins.

"I said a prayer for you today!"
I didn't ask for treasures Of the highest quality.

I asked for Him to protect you In all the places you might be.
"I said a prayer for you today!"

I didn't ask for flowers Or even a teddy bear.
I asked Him to bless you And let you into his care.

"I said a prayer for you today!"
I didn't ask for pottery Or even a rainbow.

I asked for Him to shield you Even when the wind blows.
"I said a prayer for you today!"

I didn't ask for popularity Or even a diamond ring.
I asked for your forgiveness In hope you'll earn your wings.

"I said a prayer for you today!"
May God bless you now and in the years to come,

And may you know and never doubt his love. And may you feel his grace.
Because - "I said a prayer for you today!"

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