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The only word I cannot say

© By Allison Bright

I miss my friend
O so much

I miss his sweet
and gentle touch

He'd run his fingers
through his hair

If people laughed
He didn't care

He was cool
But I was not

He said someday
We'd tie the knot

I wish he'd hold me
and hug me tight

Squeeze me dearly
With all his might

But as he lay
on that hospital bed

They said we're sorry
Ma'am he's dead

As the tears filled my eyes
I want to run away and hide

I don't believe you
You're lying I said

I placed my hand
upon his head

We're sorry ma'am
We really are

It looks like his cancer's
gone to far

I put my hand
into his

He squeezed right back
I know he did

The monitor beeped
and the line became squiggly

He whispered to me
I love you so dearly

Then the beep was really long
That's how I knew he was gone

Even now
Still today

Cancer is the only word
I cannot say

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