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Live In The Moment

© By Tyler Hernandez

So I was at home with nothing to do and I came up with this little spiel.
I have no idea how people will react, I was just fooling around. Criticisms are welcome.
here goes nothin

"It comes two by two, even four by four
It stays so brief and then
WHOOP, out the door
I see you miss it already
you wish you'd done something different
racking your brain
replaying the situation
you didn't do nothing
so afraid of losing your reputation
here's the cold truth
the one person your rep is good for...only you

So live out your oppurtunities and don't lose the moment
have courage, have faith!
speak out your occupation
don't hold back
this is a revolution and
it's been going on s ince the beginning of time
ever since christ first stepped into his prime
the biggest liberal of his generation
speaking out against tradition, creating confirmation
of his newfound law
we all stepped back in awe

now wait, hold on
this is the man you're afraid to reveal
this is the guy you're trying to conceal
the same dude you claim saved your life
is the same exact dude causing you all this strife

Make a decision, it's yes or no
there's only one speed
there's no fast and slow

Just so we're straight
just so there's no confusion
run after him full tilt
make this your resolution"

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