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With Dreams In My Head And Hope In My Heart
I Decided To Contact God...

But My Life Was So Dark And Gloomy I Didnt Know Where To End Or Where To Start.

First, I Tried Writing Jesus A Letter.. But The Postman Brought It Back With A Sticker That Read " Return To Sender"

Then, I Tried Sending Heaven A Email.. But My Computer Kept Saying " Invalid Destination"

So I Got Mad And Sent God A Text.. But My Phone Said Sending Failed..

Now With In My Head And Pain And Fury In My Heart, I Closed My Eyes And I Visited God... I Walked Right Up To His Throne With A Broken Heart And My Eyes Filled With Tears And Told Him..
My Father I Trusted And Believed You When You Said You Would Never Leave Me Nor Forsake Me And You Did...
You Left Me And You Never Came Back.. I Wrote You, I Emailed You, And I Even Tried Sending You A Text... But Everything Failed!

I Told Him That I Have Been Broken And Beaten And Now I Was Alone And Scared.. I Cried That I Had Fallen Short And Wasn't Good Enough.. I Screamed That I Was Pushed Down And Pushed Away And That I Was Two Screws Away From Going Crazy..!

With Eyes As Bright As The Sun And A Smile As White As The Moon... Heavens Gates Opened And Sent Me A Blessing When He Smiled And Said " My Dear Child I Never Left You Nor Forsaked You." "the Letter You Wrote Returned Because I Was There.. No Need To Send A Email Cause I Sat There Next To You While You Were Typing.. And The Sending Failed With Your Text Because I Was Standing Too Close And Distracted Your Network.. So I Had No Choice But To Walk Away And You Would Realize.. I Went And Got Your Pains And Troubles Of Yesterday And Made Them A Brighter Tomorrow."

Deondra Bell

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