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The Patriot

© By Anonymous

He was an example of true patriotism,
Accepting freely his country's
To betray his country, he'd rather die.
This proved true when he was instructed
to fly.
Risking his life, he fought that war,
But it didn't matter because he always
knew what for.
Fighting for others, freedom for all,
He would be a true hero if ever he did
Severe hunger and long, lonely nights,
Proved worth it with all victorious
The death of his buddies brought so much
But letters from home fought away any
He missed them much and longed for home,
But he would fight for this cause, even
if alone.
He loved this freedom everyone deserved;
And, if they won, it would forever be
Then one brutal day was his last one.
All he could think about was never
seeing his son.
He was fighting for his little life,
So he would no longer have to live in a
land full of strife.
Heroically losing his life long ago,
Fighting for freedoms we might never
have known.

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