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One Little Girl

© By Anonymous

One Little girl who remembers the day
When her dad left for war

Saying it'll be okay
She didn't know much but knew one thing for sure

that it must've been bad because the soft rain
from her mother's face soon became a pour.

He then soon left
with a kiss and a wave

she was telling herself that she had to be brave
as her mother prayed

that he would come back
one special moment

one special day
Days went on

and they didn't hear much word
from the fearless father

and his trusty sword
thinking the worst

her mom wept with fear
until the little girl reminded her

He's in out heart
He's in our prayers

As for him
the lonely nights grew longer

thinking about his lovely wife
and beautiful daughter

wishing he was there
to keep them from harm

as a river of red flowed down his arm.
He knew right then that he could

go home
but has he done enough

the love for his country was in his bones.
When he called from his hospital bed

he talked to the little girl
and thought about what she said

whether you come home
or decide to stay,

your my hero in every way
those words of wisdom

from his little girl
gave him the strength and courage

to go and win the war
and when he sailed back

he knew he was home
the smile on that little girl's face

told him he was no longer alone
one little girl who remembers the day

when her daddy came home...
home to stay

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