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Now My Eyes Are Opened !!!

© By Anonymous

I've passed through at least a thousand bullets in my life,but only felt one.It was said that my left leg would have to be cut off,but now my eyes are opened.I was always sacrficing my good for the bad,instead of sacrificing my bad for the good.I walked through life without a mother and never knowing the love a mother gives,but now my eyes are opened.
I lost my first child at the age of 17,lost a true angel at the age of 18,and I was sentenced to 24 years at the age of 19,and now I'm in prison.God showed me that He was with me since birth,saved me from death everytime it came,Blessed me with a mother I never had and gave me another family.
And now I know how to give away the bad to accept the good,because now my eyes are opened.
I once stood on my reputation and pride,but God has opened my eyes and now I stand on the Word of God,because now my eyes are opened.
May God Bless you and open your eyes,He Blessed me and I still have both legs to stand on !!!

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