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Traveling the Long, Winding Road

© By Watkowski

Depression is a place where you don't want to be.
This was a dark time in my life you must see.
My life was a prison and I couldn't get out,
You feel like you are trapped in your mind
and you just want to shout.

The end was coming, reaching out for me to go,
There could have been so much hope for me
you just don't know.

I felt like I was in a black hole that went on for forever,

That no one could get me out, never.
When you are depressed, you feel nothing, just numb,

You think you are seeing things but you don't,
you feel so dumb.

You feel like the world is crashing down on you,
In reality there is nothing going on,
you are just sad and blue.

I couldn't escape the truth that I was depressed,
I was in my own little world,
you might have guessed.

School was the worst place for me to be,
I couldn't take it anymore;
I just had to be free.

I was so depressed, I thought of suicide,
I thought I could get out by committing a homicide.

My world was the apocalypse,
life coming to and end, so young.

My life was bad it felt like I got stung.
I thought of having a gun in my hand,
This is it I had it all planned.
Then BAM! I could have gone out like that,
But I just got too scared like a cat.

Then I realized this wasn't the place for me to be,

I had to get out I had to find me!
I realized that I couldn't go on like this for all my life.

At that moment I found out that I won the strife.
Now there are only times where I am depressed,
Then I thought that it was just a quest.
My life is now the morning sun,
My future was telling me that this was going to be fun.

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