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all you need to know

© By Delaney Neal

All you need to know is that you are beautiful
In my eyes at least
I fell in love with you a long time ago
But you never fell back
So never say
Nobody loves me and no one ever will
Cause I do and I have

Some people say I need to give up on you
Your eyes will never fall upon me
In that special way
They fall upon her
But I can never say never to you
I can't give up just yet
Not today and not tomorrow

You love her; and she loves him
Love can play a sick game with your heart
Trust in me because I know it well
You can't give it up without regrets
But all you can do is give up and wait for your time
I have waited long enough
So get in line now so I can have you

You don't see me in the same light as her
I am nothing like her and I know that
I hope you realize that she is playing a game
Where you are going to get hurt
Just step back and look at this picture
See what is really happening
Who is hurting from your ignorance

Leaving her behind is painful I know
This is your first, but just know not your last
Please don't weep, I couldn't take it
Come to me as a friend, something I never want to be to you
But please come and rest on me
Because I am always there for you
Because I'm hiding my love for you

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