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Your a Rush

© By Samantha Chew

Lately i have been going crazy. The way i feel when you touch me or leave my side is a pain I cant bear. I realize that even though i try to keep pain away the more it haunts me inside and out. But then i finally lay down next to you and everything fades away. The moments we once shared spin in my head and i noticethat its not all about myself anymore. Its about us. The feeling i get when you kiss my skin and your fingers linger across my collar bone is the same feeling i get when i look into your eyes. I remember waking up every monring being totally lost in a world where no one understood, but then you came into my life and it started turning around faster then i thought. Sam your crazy, your obsessive, you dont even know what love is, thats all i heard constatntly from everyone but really do they even know what it feels like to shake everytime you make love or even have one moment where you just stare at each other for hours. Is it really what people say it is. I think you really have to feel every inch of your body quake before you know what love really is. I tell it how i see it, feel it, and breathe it in. I waste my time on love not because i want to but because i was put on this earth to give my love to someone who deserved it. I have picked and choose from many different bushes and i finally am setteling down on one person who wont go out and smash my heart into a million peices. As are future unfolds and we become closer everything will pan out the way its suppose too. We will only become stronger, we will soon be one and no one will ever add up the the love that we have. Tell me what i want to hear only because you know its what you want also. Tell me you love me and remind me more then once how beautiful i am I only want to hear what i have been waiting to hear from the one person that makes my heart beat. Grab me, push me down, and yell at me when im not doing something right just make me feel even if it hurts me sometimes. The only way I will ever be able to feel total hapiness is if you keep me going in life.

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