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Our Love

© By Helen M. Rivera

The first time I saw you
I knew you had to be mine

I knew I could have you
It was just a matter of time.

We became good friends
we called each other everyday

We cared about each other
we showed it in every way.

We had our own notebook
we even dressed alike

we shared secrets about others
You never let me out of your sight.

We became closer
Our true feelings started to show

I knew I had fallen in love
I waited for yours to grow.

Then you asked me the question
I had been dying to hear

You asked me to be your girlfriend
I said yes, you held me near.

Later that night we talked
And I decided to go see you

We shared our very first kiss
and you said the first I love you.

Shocked at what I heard
I hesitated to talk

My heart was jumping inside,
Then you took me for a walk.

You declared your love
and I declared mine.

It took us a year though
A little too much time.

That night we had seen a star
I chose to name it after you

just because of kindness
and the little special things you do.

A year after that had passed
and our love began to grow

So did our baby inside of me
That I began to show.

You never failed to tell me
How much you really cared

Even on the days
That you could not be there.

Remember when we first saw her
You had asked me how....

How can I love someone,
That I just met right now?

I said I did not know
Because I felt the same way

I had to fallen in love with her,
On the very first day.

I'm thankful for every moment
That I have in my life,

even the tears we cried together
In overcoming our strife.

Three years have past
and still we have stayed strong

Through all the pain and suffering
That happened to come along.

I cannot wait until
I finally say I do

That day I become your wife
When I say I do too.

Dedicated to all of the special people in my life. I Love You.

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