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waking up at midnight

© By Anonymous

Waking up at midnight.
Watching the world come alive.
The sky a deeper color a deeper blue.
The moon out in it's full glory.
The stars dancing on the sky.
Hear an owl in the distance.
Hear it's mournful cry.
He shall go to sleep for awhile.
All is peaceful on this night.
As the world sleeps.
One soul listening to all that's around.
As even at night there is a couple sounds.
Wondering what's above as you stare at a single cloud.
Wishing someone else was awake to share.
Yet glad for it's all yours to hear.
Just for awhile though for morning is to come.
For just a peak at the morning sun.
You shall watch for a little while.
As the sky starts to lighten.
The night has passed by.
Yet you have a lasting memory of this night.
A memory of waking up at midnight.

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