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A Beautiful Day

A Beautiful Day

Is it not such a beautiful day,
As I sit and breathe in the air, I say,
While the trees, in their quiet way, sway.
The leaves begin to fall and drift away,
The chipmunks, in their glee, scatter and play,
Does this day really matter, I pray.

For the sun shines with bright, gleaming light,
As I reach for the heavens, with all my might.
Watching the birds soar in the sky, in flight,
I ask myself, why? Oh, why?
Is it not such a beautiful day, so right?

As I sit here and ponder on reality’s clay,
Wondering what the world is to be, come what may.
Will there be despair and fear in the fray,
Or will we rise, resilient, and be free someday.

Is life filled with pain and sorrow, I weigh,
Or will it become a beautiful tomorrow, I relay.
Is it not such a beautiful day, I convey.

To my Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Raymond, Sr.,
And to the son who shares my DNA: Daryl Raymond.

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