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A Child’s Prayer

A Child's Prayer

Lord, what’s in store for me?
What will my future hold?
Will I be married, and will we
Love each other ’till we’re old?

Will I be successful at work?
Will everyone know my name?
Or will I be a simple sales clerk,
With no claim to fame?

Will I ever have kids of my own?
Will their tears and laughter touch my soul?
Or will I wind up all alone,
My heart always broken, never whole?

Will I ever get to love, Lord?
Will I ever feel that thrill?
Will anyone love me back, Lord?
Or will that desire be left unfulfilled?

But Lord, you’ll always be there, right?
Please never, ever leave me too.
If everything vanished overnight,
It would be okay if I still have you.

Really, I’m not trying to pry.
And I trust you with all my soul.
I know I’m just a little child,
But, Lord, I really want to know.

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