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A Fighter For Love Without Love

A Fighter For Love Without Love

I’m a lover not a fighter
But doesn’t a lover fight for love?
Should I resign thoughts that aren’t sane
Then what should I shall then become?

I’m a man of decency,
I love the thought of love
And everything in between that leads to love
And more or less the fact it can exist

Try not to give up on me,
‘Cause God knows I’m so lost in space
I can change,
I can be better

I will change,
I will be better.
I have confidence now that I used to lack
Give me a doubt and I’ll turn it right around on its back

I was so oblivious
To everything that surrounded me
I used to think life was all about me
I hate my old selfish ways but now I can see

I deserve love,
I can be loved.
I will be loved.
I am loved.

But do I want to be? …. yet?
I’m so young,
And so naive,
I admit I’m not the smartest, but I’m one of the more wiser

I’m lonely but I’m not alone
I’m tired but I won’t retire
I’m all that is that I want to be
But not entirely satisfied until I have a partner

I’m just a piece inside of the puzzle
Just a baby blue Robbin waiting on its mother
Just a space without a corner

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