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A Hood Christmas

A Hood Christmas

Christmas and all through the hood,
no one was set tripping so it was all good.
The stockings were hung on the wall with some nails,
Dad’s back on heroin cause mom hit the trails.

The kids were asleep all warm in their beds,
with visions of murder invading their heads.
The dogs kept on barking because of the noise,
the kids were all hoping it was St. Nick with toys.

They looked out the window and what did they see,
the neighborhood crackhead stealing their TV.
They ran to the phone to call up the laws,
while dad was chasing him down in his draws.

The cops took too long and dad was too slow,
the thief got away and dad got more blow.
The kids have been good and nice all year long,
but Santa wasn’t coming, what did they do wrong?

That Christmas was something but it was not merry,
’cause Santa was sleigh jacked somewhere on East Berry.
As you can tell this is all messed up right,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a hood night.

-Paul Smith

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