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A Sailor’s Story

A Sailor's Story

A Sailor went sailing,
One stormy night all alone,
The black sky was lit by lightning stroke,
As a wave rushed up, that swiftly broke.

His boat was overturned,
The Sailor awoke, lying in the churn,
To find himself upon the wave,
In the arms of a maiden quite brave.

“Trust in me,” she began to weave,
“And I’ll take you to places never seen”.
“Oh beautiful maid,” came his plea,
“Please take me to shore safely”.

For a wife and children have I,
Forget them now, he heard her comply.
She said with a cunning smile,
“I’ll show you sights worth your while.”

A promise I make, she gently sighed,
To take you to your true home this sight.
He smiled up, She smiled down,
And his trust was given to her with a frown.

She held him tighter, closer in her arm,
So to not lose him in the storm.
Her smile turned, the trust he gave,
Into evil insanity, beneath the wave.

They disappeared, horizon wide,
And the water engulfed them, the ocean’s bride.
Sailors tell this tale, over their ale,
Though how they heard, details turn pale.

The story of a lost Sailor,
And his beautiful maiden killer.
So, tread with care, when the sea looks fair,
For beauty can lead to deep despair.

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