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A Silly Little Wish

A Silly Little Wish

I saw a shooting star in the dark sky,
Under the cloak of night, so high.
A wish I made, a little prayer,
To be with you, is what I dare.

Looking down, what did I find?
A penny sitting, on the gravel behind.
Again, a wish to the heavens blew,
A heartfelt wish, to be with you.

To the right, a sight caught my eye,
Birthday candles on a lavender pie.
A wish was made, amidst the cheer,
To be with you, is what I hold dear.

To the left, a dandelion rests,
A weed to some, to me a test.
Another wish floats in the blue,
A single thought, to be with you.

Straight ahead, what do I see?
You are standing, in front of me.
My wishes whispered, did come true,
For here I am, standing with you.

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