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A Tribute To My Son, Brian

A Tribute To My Son, Brian

No words could ever describe,
the emptiness in my heart so wide,
since my cherished son has died.
Precious moments fill my mind,
yet, him alive and well, I wish to find.

Brian, the center of my world, so bright,
his extraordinary joy felt just right.
His blue eyes shone, their radiant light
and in his sweet smile, heavenly love alight.

I miss the laughter in his voice,
and his cheerful words, my heart’s choice.
Brian was a precious gift from above,
created by God, for me to love.

This void in my life, it won’t fill,
without my child, it’s a bitter pill.
Two years on, it is still a steep hill.
Stopping time, now that’s a skill,
yet another day without him, it’s harder still.

Longing for the day, we meet again,
my arms around him, a soothing balm for the pain.
Kiss his face, whisper, I love you, my refrain.
His life cut short, but not in vain,
forever in my heart, he will remain.

Twenty-six years, a precious gift from Heaven,
although cut short, for just a minute or eleven.
Brian, my amazing son with grace so leaven,
an eternal part of my life’s woven seven.

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