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A Women Crys But Noone Hears.

A Women Crys But Noone Hears.

A woman cries, yet on one hears,
A mother fears but she perseveres,
A wife lets go yet continues to love,
Forgive me not,
For she is lost.

Believe me not,
For I have lied,
The truth will tell if I’m inside,
Who am I?

The world stood still when I met you,
Shattered apart when I lost you,
“Believe in me,” you said to me,
Then you left, confused I stood,

Holding on until I fell,
So deep within the pain I dwell,
Until I sleep.

“Hang in there,” you said to me,
Carry on and we will be,
Until the day that we both sleep.

How could I hold when I haven’t been held?
How could I love, never been kissed as well?
How could I smile when the joke seems to be me?
How could I laugh when I only know agony?

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