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Mommy, today is my birthday,
at 4 months old I lay.
I have tiny toes,
I’m a girl don’t you say?
Can you not hear my silent call?
Mommy, please don’t be sad anymore.

Mommy what is that doctor saying?
A word I grasp not, abortion they’re conveying.
Do you hear my heartbeat sync with yours?
Loving you, mommy, without any scores.

Mommy, do you love me too?
Your touch, your voice, is what I knew.
Now in heaven, I reside,
God explained what was the fatal divide.

Mommy, why did you not want me?
Could you not bear to see,
the blend of our souls, in a tiny body?
The dawn never broke for my eyes,
Yet I fill the night with celestial cries,
Mommy, I still love you, the love never dies.

God holds me close now,
With eternal love, he endows.
My birthday recurs, now I’m five.
Yet, I fail to understand, why couldn’t I thrive?

Mommy! You came to see me!
But your eyes don’t recognize my entity.
Don’t you love me, mommy?
Is that why I had to flee?
Witnessing your memory fade,
In the celestial garden, I promenade.
Yet, Mommy I still love you,
My love will never cease, it’s true.

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