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Absent from the mind,
Absent from the body,
Absent from the soul,
Are you really absent, though?

Can one be absent,
Yet present at the same time?
Are you but a spirit,
Drifting in the cosmic rhyme?

Can you hear me?
Through the silence, vast and wide?
I feel you in the breeze,
Or is that mere pride?

Perhaps it’s my imagination,
That paints you in my view,
Are you my imagination,
Or a truth that I once knew?

Thought I saw you amidst the haze,
Just a mirage playing tricks?
Are you that mirage,
Or just reality’s playful mix?

I yearn to communicate,
Can we breach this silent pact?
Is there a connection,
Or is it just an abstract fact?

Are you there, I suppose so,
Yet, is it true?
Speak to me! Unveil yourself,
Are you really there, Are you?

As the silence echoes back,
I whisper, almost spent,
Are you really there?
Or are you, truly absent?

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