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Another Day

Another Day

Today is just
Another day.
So full of hope,
Filled with dismay.

I hear your voice,
I start to cry.
Each day you grow,
And by and by.

A kick, a roll,
I know you’re there.
A time of peace,
Trapped by despair.

With so much love,
It’s still so hard.
I want so much,
To not impart.

I know your name,
It’s always been,
A name WE chose,
He can’t pretend.

But with his haste,
He turns to go.
And with this child,
I fall so low.

I’m left alone.
There’s no deny.
He’s gone away.
I wonder why.

But every night
I take a walk.
I sing and read,
And then we talk.

I dream most nights,
You’re in my arms.
You search my eyes
With all your charms.

Then day by day,
My dream comes true.
I hold you close,
It’s really you.

He hears the news,
A call in jest.
His only words,
‘Wish her my best.

My life is changed
Just by your smile.
Although I’m tired,
It’s all worthwhile.

You eat and sleep,
You sleep and cry.
Each day you grow,
And by and by….

You turn into
A handsome boy.
You fill my heart
And bring me joy.

Then, oh, too soon,
You start to ask.
‘Who is my Dad?’
I know this task.

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