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Another Form Of Love (between Men)

Another Form Of Love (between Men)

There are moments when I think I am seeing stars,
It is when we are the closest and never so far,
I listen to your voice and it is like a lullaby in my head,
The same why I feel whenever, I rest my face next to your head.

And, yes ‘ I know this is a love that is filling my eyes,
But I also know the lines between you and I,
And from this point that is all fine,
At least your heart too, is also mine.

And, I understand what are people seeing in us when we are interacting;
think they know what they are talking about,
Yes, we could be just as ignorant kick at them and pout ‘ spout out!
Yet our truth is stronger than anything they may tout.

Whomever places a ring on my left hand will know you have a ring on my right hand,
You share that same special place that my partner could always demand,
You are my best friend,
You are another man that I do love,
And it does not concern me what the world may think of us as of?

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