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Another Year Older

Another Year Older

A birthday is just another day,
Young of mind, yet youthful looks go away.
Another year older,
The world seems a bit colder.
Yet my heart still burns,
And for love it forever yearns.

Another year older,
I grow even bolder.
Life is for us to learn from,
As calculated as a mathematical sum.
Another year older,
Hurting blazes now just smolder.

Letting go of past rage and pain,
Living life and feeling sane.
Another year older,
A tear on your shoulder.
Life has not been so bad,
My tear is of joy not because I’m sad.

Another day older,
More pages added to my folder.
I’m glad of whom I am today,
I would not have myself any other way.
So don’t mind that I write my own birthday rhyme,
I’ve lived through my life up till this time.

I think it is safe to say,
That things will go as planned His way.
He’s got more for me yet,
It’ll be even better I bet.
Another year older,
And I am in His debt.

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