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As Friends Do

As Friends Do

Love is such a crazy, strange thing,
You never know what it will bring.
You might say I’m young, and too young to know,
But I’m old enough to see when love really does show.
Even if it’s just a love that is kind and brotherly,
One that tells that he will never let harm reach me.
I see it in his eyes, in that deep chocolate brown,
That he’ll never let me cry or let me feel down.
Then again there’s those days, the ones dark and gray,
That I think we have nothing, nothing more to say.
I have nightmares that night thinking love did not prevail,
Whether we are still friends–even dreams cannot tell.
But here he goes again, in his light, cheery tone,
Once again making me feel like I’ll never be alone.
He always brings it back, the sun clears the cloud,
And we’re back to the same, our friendship loud and proud.
So I guess I’m trying to thank him, but only silently,
And let him know I cherish the bond between him and me.
That bond, you may protest, but it is certainly true,
That bond is the love that is shared between two.
It’s not love that is bought with kisses and hugs,
But one that is built on honesty and trust.
So next time I say that I love you-know-who,
Understand that I’m old enough to love as friends do.

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