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Baby Of Mine

Baby Of Mine

Love was all I felt the day my little girl was born;
We were soul mates from the start, father and baby torn.
Today is her birthday, equally mine as well,
Born into Heaven 30 years ago this day I fell.

What a gorgeous being my baby has grown to be,
I am filled with joy in each breath, each sight I see.
I have watched her everyday with a heart filled with prayer,
How proud I am, my baby chose the right path with care.

She chose a life on her own, without her dad.
Though, chose to take me with her, never leaving me sad;
With every step she took, each decision she did make,
She thought of me, with her always in every path she would take.

Now, I look down into her brilliant countenance so bright,
Warm chills are released by her beauty, her light.
My spirit is consumed by her goodness that’s so pure,
I am watching you now and always, of that you can be sure.

Our hearts are one, and will be forevermore,
Allow your eyes to sparkle, allow your heart to soar.
You are so precious to me, baby of mine,
In the tapestry of life, you are the golden line.

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