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Bad News

Bad News

My guts are in my throat as I sit here today,
Awaiting the news that’s on its way.
I listen numbly to the words that are spoken.
My young heart pounds now, extremely broken.

Tears spill from my eyes, staining my cheeks.
I’m gasping for air and can no longer speak.
The phone back in its cradle, I sit all alone,
Quietly thanking God that no one’s home.

My body trembles and exhaustion sets in.
How am I supposed to deal with this kind of thing again?
I’ve been forced into adulthood and unbelievable responsibility,
Over and over again I ask why this happened to me.

My sanity struggles with immense emotional pain,
And my thoughts wage war inside my brain.
However, something good has to come of this.
My childhood is gone and will be sorely missed.

But upward and onward is where I must go.
My life’s not over, that much I know.

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