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Beautiful Imperfection

Beautiful Imperfection

Beautiful Imperfection

The sight of that woman,
The one that makes my heart skip.
With every flaw and every perfection,
That is who I seek,
My beautiful Imperfection.

Beautiful Imperfection,
The woman that makes me, me,
Who can see inside,
Not dismissing the old and battered,
Accepting the still throbbing scars.
I seek that woman,
My beautiful Imperfection.

Beautiful Imperfection,
The real definition of beauty.
Realizing that she is mine and I am hers,
With all our faults, the uncertain guessing,
Never quite knowing what the other is thinking.

The laying down next to each other at night,
Soft sounds of the one you love sleeping,
Or even the loud sounds of a boarish one sneezing.
The embrace at the beginning of every day,
The little arguments that make you want to stay away.

Feelings of pain from the hard days work,
Going away with one look at her,
That is who I seek,
That is my,
Beautiful Imperfection.

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