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Beauty Lies Within

Beauty Lies Within

Beauty lies within.
How can you tell?
Is it the color of my skin?
The color of my hair?
Tell me so I can search to make sure it’s there.

You walk by with your fancy looks.
Wearing earrings and silver hooks.
Teasing and laughing because I look like dirt.
Why are they laughing? We are all God’s work.

My skin has bumps just like the dusty roads.
But your skin is smooth just like the crescent moon.
Why am I cursed with this horrible hair?
Soon I’m going to go bald and they will all stare.

With these wide hips and thunder thighs,
What man would want me? I’m ugly outside.
I’ve tried every trick to make my life perfect.
But can’t you see it’s just not worth it.

I give up, I can’t do this.
I’m going to accept my looks and be through with it.

Hey Beautiful!
Are you talking to me?
You are the beauty I see staring at me.

I guess beauty lies within after all.
Search within yourself, it’s not that small..

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