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Best Friend Poems

So much poetry and art has been dedicated to best friends.  One of the most touching stories that have spun so much poetry and loyalties of friendship is that of Emperor Haidrian and Antonius.  Haidrian made Antonius a god after the tragic death of his best friend at the Nile River during a voyage through Egypt.  Our friends are very exceptional and a great asset to our lives.  They share with us the good and the bad through life and give us a boost when needed.  What better way to express your adoration and gratitude to your friend than through poetry.  Best friend poetry often times share stories of good times and honor the friend with praise during trials that they have gone through together.  Many best friend poems keep the memory of their friends alive even when they are gone.  We have so many best friend poems that people have shared with us and we would like in turn share them with you.

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