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Best Friends…

Best Friends...

This is all a test to mess me up,
And see how I would react,
Fact is I’m trying to deny the whys and the goodbyes.
I need you to tell me this ain’t true,
You and I never should,
I mean, why do you leave me here with tears,
And fears of you never being here?

You were a kiss blown to me by an angel,
Sweeter than sugar maple
And no plane ride is gonna hide you or me or we.
Because no matter what somehow our hearts seem to always connect perfectly,
Cuz you and I, me and you, we are true.

Friends are forever, whenever,
And down for whatever,
You and I are beyond that,
We are what the world doesn’t want us to be,
You simply mean everything to me.

We proved everyone wrong, untied the knot from we can’t,
Planted the seed that has blossomed into this beautiful feeling we call friendship,
And now what do we have?
Memories, memories that will always dance around in my heart,
From the start of the mark,
Or that day at the park when all we did was laugh
And all I wanna do now is cry, crawl up and die, but never ever say bye

The way what did you say?
And maybes are for babies who are scared and ill prepared
But I bet we can always make a single a duet.

Through it all how do I keep my life normal?
I’m mortal, just human
It’s with you that I laugh and I cry
But why the goodbye?
And I’ll try to get by with the high I get from you as I thumb through the pages of our book,
Please don’t take it for my sake its all I have left right now and wow did you hear that meow?
Or was it a cow?

Corny jokes from 5th grade that always made our day.
Oh and remember the pool?
When we drooled over fools,
That looked really cool bout turned out to be ghouls.

And if I die before you do, I’ll save a place just for you.
I’ll give the angels back their wings
And risk the lost of everything,
I don’t know why you mean so much to me,
It’s like without you I can’t breathe, or read, or write, it’s wrong.
It’s just not fair,
Like me grabbing your hair, knowing you’re not even there.

if you ever look up into, around, above, and beyond the sky,
And see a shining star pass by its just me saying thank you and good night.

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