Birthday Poems

Birthdays have been celebrated for centuries.  One can see from Roman times where there were many holidays celebrating the emperor’s birthdays and the birthdays of the gods and goddesses to present day Christmas where Christians across the world celebrate the birth of the Christ.  Birthdays give someone that special moment in the year that is totally dedicated to them.  The “Happy Birthday to You.” song, typically sung on people’s birthday in most English speaking countries, was a ballad poem composed by two sisters, Mildred and Patty Hill, in 1893.  Birthday cards many times will have various forms of greetings from funny poetry to romantic poetry, all sharing the commonality of happy birthday poetry to honor one’s special day of the year.  Many happy birthday poems share stories and memories of people special to the composer and many other happy birthday poems underlining keep the memory of a person alive to someone who has passed on.rn

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