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Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish

Today I received a call,
From a friend that is dear to me,
He called to say goodbye,
His soul soon to be set free.

My friend is a wrestler, a fighter,
Black belt in Judo, his pride,
But a fight with cancer he wages,
From which few have ever survived.

At the end of our conversation,
With his voice fragile and thin,
“Remember all the good times we’ve spent,
If we never see each other again.”

“I love you my brother,” he added,
His words a melodic lament,
“I love you too,” I replied, tears streaming,
“I’ll never ever forget.”

Today I received a call from my friend,
And my heart aches at the loss of his mirth,
“No more pain or suffering,”
Is my wish, this day, my birthday.

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