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Blues Eyes

Blues Eyes

This one I look to the sky for a second,
In that second nature gave me blue eyes.

The beauty vanished because the sun was too bright,
A rebel without a cause, Already in mid life.

Clouds went by and made shapes for the body to admire,
Only desire they made me feel.
Why had the sky grown dark?

My eyes had no chance to be blessed again,
I could see clearly, clearly through my brown eyes.

The eyes nature blessed me with.
The earth began to cry,

Each tear slowly hit my face as it weeps in sadness.
The wind suddenly scarred my face.
Why are you sad mother earth?

Do the stars still shine?
Did the moon and the rocks collide?

Or do you miss the color in my eyes?
You lost the view of yourself,

Your reflection in my eyes,
You lost the beauty you had.
Is that why you weep?

Well do not cry,
It was you who put that blue in my eyes.

Dedicated to my mother Gilly and father Calvin Thompson,
Love you guys.

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