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Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures

Today is a day to feel better and cope,
On the horizon there’s a fresh prospect of hope,
Problems that we faced, and burdens we’ve been dealt,
Gone soon are the days of tightening your belt,
For this we all have brighter futures.

Rising gas prices have subsided,
The change in Washington is well guided,
Now that the face of the status quo is gone,
And shortly a new day will dawn,
For this we all have brighter Futures.

Unemployment rates have gone through the roof,
Look around do you need more proof,
Recent times have been so convoluted,
Everyone’s resolve should be saluted,
For this we all have brighter Futures.

Tears of dismay can return to smiles,
Friends and Families will defeat the trials,
Like wounds healing will draw us closer,
We Shall Overcome and be much the wiser,
For this we all have brighter Futures.

Just when things look out of hand,
Attacks all around us just take a stand,
With hard work and determination,
We will become a stronger nation,
For this we all have a brighter Future.

David A. Mihan Sr.
152 Wellington Place
Brunswick, GA. 31523

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