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The day that Bruno the Neighborhood Lovegod married
women coast-to-coast burst into tears
men bemoaned the end of an era
flags flew half-staff
schools let out early
retail sales and the Stock Market plummeted

As , I guess , befits a Lovegod of Biblical proportion
he soon tired of his situation
selling Real Estate for the father-in-law
and returning at night to the dutiful wife
(the once carefree environmentally correct Bruno now constantly complained about life-in-general and threw cigarrette butts out the car window as he listened to self-help and Sales Technique tapes)

Never offer this salesman a comfy seat
Make sure the coffee’s bad
If you don’t it won’t be long ’til he says
Don’t call me Mister…call me ‘Dad’
or something maybe a little more appropriate to the situation
but ,nonetheless , along that same line

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