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Can You See God

Can You See God

Can you See God

In the silence of stars on a cold winters night across endless skys.
Can you see God?

In the glitter of a new baby’s eyes,
Or a smile across a small face.
Can you see God?

In clouds as angel wings move the wind softly across the sky.
Can you see God?

In rain that turns to snowflakes,
That brush against your face.
They become a tender touch of a master’s hand.
Can you see God?

On a warm summers day as the breeze brushes your hair,
Like the hands of a sweet mother’s love.
Can you see God?

In the sweet morning light as she bows to the moon,
Her warmth covers a rose to dry up the dew.
Can you see God?

– Louvenia Campbell

Copyright ‘2004 Louvenia Campbell

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