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Just the other night, I held you so tight,
And she didn’t exist, In our lovers’ bliss.
When you held me, I was completely,
All yours but you weren’t mine.

You say you’re scared, Love, You’re not the only one,
My heart’s in two, From loving you.
And when we hug goodnight, I want your heart close to mine,
And then I see, you’re not with me.

And in your ocean blues, I get so lost in you,
If you were mine, I would love you like the sunrise.
There’s nothing I can say, To make this pain go away,
It’s all in your hands, and so am I.

My head is aching, My heart is breaking,
When will we kiss? Just tell me this,
When will I get to Make sweet love to you?
Or will this end, before it even begins…?

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