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Daddy And Eve

Daddy And Eve

A long time ago, on a ranch on a hill,
I found out a secret, that I cherish still.
On a cold snowy night, late, Christmas Eve,
I gathered some cookies and milk to leave.

Jingling bells, I snuck down the hall.
The fireplace shadows danced on the walls.
But it wasn’t Santa, it was Daddy instead.
So, I started to cry as he put me to bed.

He tucked me all in and wiped off my tears,
Lay down besides me to speak in my ear.
He told me he loved me, we hugged and I sighed.
Then whispered our secret, that filled me with pride.

My sisters and brothers, many gifts by the tree,
I smiled as they laughed, it was different for me.
I think I was five, when I found out that way,
Our little secret is more special today.

Now Christmas mornings when Dad looks in my eyes,
He knows that our secret is safe deep inside.
I will be there with his heart-beats last-tick.
For my loving Dad is really, St. Nick.

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