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Days And Nights

Days And Nights

The days breeze by,
Nights fly on wings of an eagle high,
And through it all, in each moment,
I find myself, missing you.

Your sweet face, I long to see,
Sometimes shy, sometimes outgoing free.
And through it all, in each phase,
I find myself, enveloping you with love’s blaze.

To hear your words, a soothing bard,
To gaze upon a falling waterfall,
Beautiful like raindrops small,
Yet it’s a beauty that tears my heart,
I’m sorry I couldn’t play my part.

I hear your swear, I hear your mad yell,
Tension in your muscles swell.
Knotted up, I wish to ease,
Forever, in my arms, hold you please,
Oh, I wish, I were with you to appease.

In your absence, I feel alone,
My love for you, consistent and well known.
I’m sorry I can’t always be,
The one you need, devotion’s decree,
Oh, I wish, you were here, with me.

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