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Dear God

Dear God

Dear God, please send me a sign,
help me to realize that it’ll all ok ok.
Dear God, please show me the way to make it through,
guide me through the mess I’ve made.
Dear God, send me someone i can trust,
give me someone i can turn to in my darkest hour.
Dear God, why does it have to be this way?
Why does it always seem to go wrong at the same time?

Dear God, today I’ve met the one,
the one who seems like she needs me.
Dear God, we get closer everyday,
and she says everything will be ok.
Dear God, through love she shows me
it all seems to get better, a little at a time.

Dear God, she is so loving and sweet,
so trustworthy like no other kind.
Dear God, it seems like a dream
she’s just to good for me.

Dear God, I asked for an angel
but I got something more
Dear God, thank you,
for the one I can not live without.
Dear God, thank you
for bringing her to me, the one who makes me feel so complete.

Dear God, keep her safe,
and hopefully she will never leave.
Dear God, now that I have her,
I can not let go.
Dear God, give her the best,
all that she deserves.
Dear God, thank you
for bringing her down.
My Aisha, my angel, my best friend
my boo.

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