Death Poems

If the people we love rnare stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never rnstop loving them.  Buildings burn, people die, but real love is rnforever."  This death quote expresses how to keep those lost rnloved ones still alive in our thoughts and our hearts.  Death rnpoems keep the lost love alive in memory. rnLost love poems andrnromantic themed literature rnsometimes deal with the tragedy of death between lovers and add rnto the drama of the story such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and rnJuliet.  Death is considered from many cultures and religions in rnmany standpoints from around the world.  Death is a part of our rnlives and we deal with the death of a loved one, discuss the rnreligious or philosophical significance of death, and death rnpoems bring out the realization of the lament of the tragedies rnand accomplishments in the process of dying and try to explain rnlife after death.rn


One can reflect and rnreminisce over the memory of the lost loved one through death rnpoems.  They can help ease the pain and confusion that is in the rnaftermath of the tradedy of a lost love one.  In fact there is rnromance to be found in many love poems about death of loved ones, like William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and rnJuliet."rn


rnHow do people fill in the void and depression once a loved one rnpasses on?  The ramifications of death are a blow to anyone.  rnDeath is celebrated, embraced, and feared throughout the world.  rnDeath poems are found in customs, traditions, and ceremonies in rnreaction to death around the world.  They help with coping with rnthe confusion and disarray left in place of family death or rnclose friend now gone.  One will find inrnreligious poems ways to help rncope with death such as in Latin liturgy with “Media Vita" and rnthe Jewish Mourner’s Kaddish prayer.rn


rnIt is often hard to express sadness and bring it out to the open rnand sad poems about death offer rnavenues to do so.  Death poems are one antidote to help.  Move rnforward from the depression rnand sadness that one may feel after rntheir loss.  Poems about death allow people to readjust and rnrealign when the fact of life turns and strikes, that life is rntemporal. rnrn

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