Depression Poems

rnrn“Depression rnis nourished by a lifetime of ungrieved and unforgiven hurts." rnIs a depression quote that sings so true.  Likernsad poems, we have our favorite rnsongs or literature that we read or listen to overcome our rndepression.  The daily stressors of life are overwhelming for rneveryone at times.  Depression poetry can be the inspiration rnneeded to move forward when all other resources have been rnexasperated.  Writing your way out of depression often times is rnthe antidote to allowing it to take over your life.  Depression rnpoems are an avenue for one to freely express what their rnemotions have long been wanting to express from their soul.rn rn

Depression poems allow one to introspect rnand let emotions flow through pen and paper.  Sadness fromrnlost love orrndeath of a loved one can hinder rnresilience and ability to handle with daily stressors because of rndepression.  Such poetry can help break one free from rndepression’s shackles.rn

In teen life rnthere is many lost love andrnsad love and one will find rnteen life poems, affected by depression, where it challenges rntheir creativity and tends to go within one’s self.  In doing so rnone begins to question everything.  rnSad teen poems that speak of life’s struggles allow them to rnintrospect and let their emotions flow. rn

Depression poems can break away rnisolationist feelings and help one self to conquer their mixed rnemotions.  Such emotions that can grasp a person and cripple rnevery aspect of their life, depression poetry can aid the mind rnand help better understand what the source of the melancholy is rncoming from.
rnDepression can paralyze and drain us, making it a very real and dangerous illness.  Depression is not easily described when there are so many forms that can ale us.  In every aspect of life, depression may challenge our lives.  There is so much going on in this world that it becomes too overwhelming with stress and struggles life, seemingly generously gives us.  Statistics say that approximately 18.8 million America adults are affected by clinical depression this year.  So how can one deal with the overwhelming effects of betrayal, loneliness, and everyday aggravations in life, along with many other forms of depression?  Depression eventually will distract us from our daily activities, leaving the allusion of being alone, even when there is a world of people around going about their own life’s trials.  Poetry has been ranked as a top form of therapy and is an avenue for the seemingly impervious emotions, eagerly wanting a way out to relieve us of the burdens we hold.   rnrn“Depression is a confused and hopeless state that drives people to desperate lengths.  All I can say is don’t be afraid to talk about it and try to be open if others are trying to reach out.” rn

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