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Directions To Our Father’s House

Directions To Our Father's House

When your headed down that road, make a right on Believe Boulevard,
Keep straight, go through the green light, that is Jesus Christ.
There you turn onto the bridge of Faith, over Troubled Water,
When off the bridge, make right, keep straight on Kings Highway Heaven bound!

Keep going for three miles –
One for the Father, One for the Son, One for the Holy Spirit.
Exit then to Grace Boulevard, make a right turn onto Gospel Lane.
Keep straight, and again right onto Prayer Road, maintain.

Yield not to traffic on Temptation Avenue, avoid Sin Street,
For they are nothing but Dead Ends that you shall meet.
Pass up Envy Drive, Hate Avenue, Hypocrisy Court,
Gossiping Lane, and Backbiting Boulevard; they will distort.

Longsuffering Lane, you must go,
Persecution Boulevard, Trials and Tribulations Avenue, you know.
But that’s all right, no need to dread,
For straight ahead lies Victory Street, Amen, it’s said!

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