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Do You Ever Wonder?

Do You Ever Wonder?

Do You Ever Wonder,

Do you ever wonder if the one you loved still thinks about you,
If they wonder what it would be like if you hadn’t broken up.
Could you still be together, to this day, if choices were anew?

Do you wonder if they cry at night, holding that stuffed animal,
The one you gave them, squished tight, tears sinking in.
Just like you do?

Or when they’re with their new love, do they make a compare,
Comparing them, to your memory there?
Do they wish it was your hands they were holding,
Instead of the new love, they seem to be moulding.

Or do they wish that it was your eyes they were gazing into?
And every time they kiss their new love,
Do they picture it’s you and your warm lips they’re pleasing?

Do they wish it was your heart they were saying “I love you” to,
And then at night, under moonlight hue,
When they wish upon a star,
Do they wish you were wishing on the same one, from afar?

Or does it hurt them everytime they walk by,
And wonder if you hurt too, deep inside.
When they see your smile, do they smile too?
Just to see that you’re happy, it’s all they used to do.

Or does it secretly hurt them,
Cause they wish that they were the one making you laugh, again.
Well, I do.

These things I wonder every day,

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