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Edge Of The Cliff

Edge Of The Cliff

Everyone standing around in awe,
Because they didn’t think it would come to this.

I’m one fatal step away
From the Edge of The Cliff;
The stress and depression brought me
To this very point.

And now I’m slipping,
Losing my grip,
As I hold onto the cliff.
Then, I see you run to my aid.
I beg you to please keep me from falling.

Those kind words:
“I’m Here For You,
I will Never Leave Your Side,”
Brought tears to my eyes,
Streaming down my face.

As you looked at me,
I could tell, never would be the same,
The thought of losing me in your eyes.
I felt your strength,
That would keep me from falling, from ending my life.

In amazement,
I saw the Lord on one side,
And you on the other,
Pulling me up.
And when I found my feet,
Both of you put your loving
Arms around me.

And that let me know that I
Would never come to this point

As the Lord spoke to me, He said,
“Things aren’t always going to be easy,
And when times get rough,
All you have to do is turn to her.”

For specifically,
He put her here to help
Get through any obstacle
I feel I cannot handle alone.

I thanked her for being here,
To keep me from making the worst mistake ever.
We walked, hand in hand,
While I gave

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