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Ever Wondered

Ever Wondered

Have you ever felt the beach’s water rush
Rushing upon you, the pull, the hush?
Its warmth covering you, made just for you,
Felt it surround your body, pulling through.

Have you laid in a field, grassy green,
With the warm wind blowing, weather pristine.
Wind so caring, not once breaking a blade,
Under the brightly shining sun, undelayed.

Clouds move overhead, yet not shading the light,
Have you beheld such a gentle sight.
As you lay on a blanket, watching stars take flight,
One shone really bright, the moon – your night’s delight.

The ground, cool to touch, the air warm
Enough to keep you snug, safe from the storm.
Ever seen snow fall on a bright day?
A flake touched your nose, choosing you to play.

Many descend, but only one grazed your skin,
Covering the ground, so pure and pristine.
Seen a single flower in a naked field?
Its existence, a mystery, yet to be revealed.

No other flowers, yet it stands so perfect,
Its sweet scent lingering, a secret effect.
Unharmed, untouched, not by bee or bug
Grass growing around, a comfortable rug.

Ever found a perfect friend?
Wondered about their past,
Where they’ve been, their journey vast.

You think of a

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