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Fair Weathered Friend

Fair Weathered Friend

On clear blue skies
And sunny days;
You disappear
And fade away.

Time goes on
Without a word;
You’re doing great
Is what I’m told.

Distance keeps us
Far apart;
but still you say
I’m in your heart.

It’s hard to smile
Without you here;
Deep down inside
I don’t think you care.

You say you love me
it’s hard to believe;
For whenever it’s sunny
It’s then that you leave.

When clouds approach
And darkness is here;
It’s at that time
you call me near.

I’m there for you always
Thru the clouds and sun;
But you just don’t see it
So we have no fun.

Please don’t be mad
That I feel this way;
We both knew
It would end someday.

I can’t go on
I’m afraid it’s the end;
I just can’t be
A fair weathered friend.

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